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January 29th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Germany, Tech-art

I’m in Berlin now, again.  I like this city, and I’m starting to know my way around since I keep winding up here. Unfortunately, it’s freezing cold. Berlin is about 400 kilometers almost due south of Copenhagen, but it sure doesn’t feel it.

I killed myself getting over from Malmo to Copenhagen to try to catch a bus, and I managed to miss it by 5 minutes! Even more gallingly, I discovered that the same bus actually passes through Malmo on its way to Copenhagen. Epic Brendan Bus Fail.

Luckily, the bus stop was right next to the train station, and there was a train to Berlin for only about €5 more than the bus.

So that’s the unromantic logistics of my life. I also interviewed one of the guys from The Research Department, and I need to write that up for the hackerspaces blog. In Denmark, I hung out a bunch in Freetown Christiania, which is probably the coolest thing I saw in Copenhagen. It’s certainly worthy of its own post, when  I get a chance. Things keep happening, though.

Tonight, I’m supposed to be going to some party/art exhibition thing with one of the girls I met in Ljubljana on the Pirate Bay bus. I guess some of the Pirate Bay/Piratbyrån people are going to be there/presenting an exhibit there. If it sounds like I’m vague on the details, that’s because I am. I’m also hoping to get up early tomorrow to check out the Technical Museum here in Berlin, which I missed last time.


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  • Dave Jacob Hoffman

    Please thank the Pirate Bay people for helping me catch up on The Office. I totally would have missed Jim proposing to Pam if it weren’t for them.

  • mccollam

    Haha. Every time I cross paths with the Pirate Bay guys, I kind of have to resist the urge to go all Wayne’s World, “I’m not worthy!!!” on them.

    I guess I assume that groupies are annoying, but I may be overestimating the number of website admin-groupies there are, even for the Pirate Bay.

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